CKA(Certified Kubernetes Administrator)是CNCF基金会(Cloud Native Computing Foundation)官方推出的Kubernetes管理员认证计划,用于证明持有人有履行Kubernetes管理的知识,技能等相关的能力。




Introduction to CKA and Kubernetes basic concepts
  • Explain the CKA curriculum.
  • Understand the Kubernetes API primitives.
  • Understand the Kubernetes cluster architecture.

Kubernetes Scheduling in Action
  • Use label seclectors to schedule Pods.
  • Understand the role of DaemonSet.
  • Understand how to run multiple schedulers and how to configure Pods to use them.
  • Understand how resource limits can affect Pod scheduling.
  • Manually schedule a Pod without a scheduler.
  • Display scheduler events.
  • Know how to configure the Kubernetes scheduler.

Kubernetes Logging, Monitoring and Workloads in Action
  • Understand how to monitor all cluster components.
  • Understand how to monitor applications.
  • Manage cluster component logs.
  • Manage application logs.
  • Understand Deployments and how to perform rolling updates and rollbacks.
  • Know various ways to configure applications.
  • Know how to scale applications.
  • Understand the primitives necessary to create a self-healing application.

Kubernetes Networking in Action
  • Understand the networking configuration on the cluster nodes.
  • Understand Pod networking concepts.
  • Understand Service networking.
  • Deploy and configure network load balancer.
  • Know how to use ingress rules.
  • Know how to configure and use the cluster DNS.
  • Understand CNI.
  • Know how to configure netowrk policies.

Kubernetes Storage in Action
  • Understand persistent volumes and know how to create them.
  • Understand access modes for volumes.
  • Understand persistent volume claims primitive.
  • Understand Kubernetes storage objects.
  • Know how to configure applications with persistent storage.

Kubernetes Security in Action
  • Know how to configure authentication and authorization.
  • Understand Kubernetes security primitives.
  • Define security contexts.
  • Create and manage TLS certificates for cluster components.
  • Secure persistent key value store.
  • Work with image securely.

Cluster Maintenance and Troubleshooting in Action
  • Troubleshoot application failure.
  • Troubleshoot control plane failure.
  • Troubleshoot worker node failure.
  • Troubleshoot networking.
  • Install Kubernetes masters and nodes from the ground up.
  • Understand Kubernetes cluster upgrade process.
  • Implement backup and restore methodologies.

Tips for CKA Exam and Simulation Training
  • How to apply for CKA exam and notes.
  • CKA mock examination and Q&A.


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